Here are some testimonials from past clients, published with their permission. I am happy to put you in contact with previous families, with whom I have worked - just ask!   

King's Grant, Virginia Beach

I had never even heard of a Special Education Advocate. With Dr. Macias by my side, I was able to accomplish in one meeting what had already taken me a year's worth  of effort and frustration with Virginia Beach public schools and programs.  Every parent of a special needs child deserves an advocate like Jana!
- Cunningham Family, Virginia Beach


Mayor Awards, 2015

Mayor Awards, 2015

Northwest Virginia Beach

Dr. Macias was a godsend for our family. Our relationship with the district had completely broken down and it felt more like a battle than a team. We thought hiring an advocate would  make things even more adversarial, but Jana's presence in the first meeting had a quiet and palpable positive impact. She knows the system and advised us accordingly. The district attendees listened to her, and we felt, were at ease and more cooperative with us. We were able to adjust our expectations and requests to achieve attainable and effective improvements for our sweet son. Highly recommend!
Hill Family, Virginia Beach



Virginia Beach, Shore Area

Dr. Jana Macias is the best advocate we have ever had. Our relationship with her over the past couple of years has had a profound impact with our child’s educational pathway. She has been an extremely positive influence in assisting us to become empowered and successful advocates. Dr. Macias provides support, direction, encouragement and a wealth of knowledge. She understands the IEP process and your child’s rights. She takes the time to meet and know your child as an individual. Her presence at IEP meetings has always been positive, professional and respectful for all involved. I highly recommend Dr. Macias as a key player when advocating for your child’s success in school. Dr. Jana Macias is a parent’s dream!

- Cuartas Family, Virginia Beach