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Your child can succeed in a classroom environment that strives to meet the specific needs of students. The first step is determining when difficulty occurs. Then, we seek appropriate accommodations. SCA has represented children needing a vast array of assistive devices, furniture, schedules, seating, therapeutic toys and spaces. Under FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education) your child's public school is obligated to address specific needs, and provide necessary accommodations.


A wealth of professional experience benefits our clients as they attempt to navigate the special education system. Every parent wants the absolute best for their special child in school. It is frustrating when a school denies your requests for services that you know your child needs in order to succeed.  Other parents may tell you to "ask for the moon" as a strategy to achieve getting any services at all.  

We can hold an informed discussion with you about what services are available in Virginia Beach public schools today, and what criteria is used to determine eligibility for those services. From there, we help parents evaluate their expectations for special accommodations and services. Asking "for the moon" is not as effective as setting attainable goals, and then fighting to reach them.

Our work as Special Education Advocates is based on these tenets:

  • Parents know their child best.
  • Listening to what parents have to say is crucial in developing a program for their child.
  • A strong partnership between parents and their child's school is the best way forward.

An IEP (Individualized Education Plan) team should be just that - a "team".  Often, parents feel as though they exist on the receiving end of decisions made by the child's IEP team.

The problem is that there is a gap. Public School professionals are "in the know" about industry norms, laws and policies concerning special needs students.  Parents are not. 

A Special Education Advocate is the solution.