I believe that working side by side with parents on their child’s team is what a Special Education Advocate should do. I listen carefully in meetings and take copious notes. This ensures my clients have a crystal clear understanding of the terminology, policies and decisions on the table that day. I advise and educate my parents tactfully and thoroughly. It is also my pleasure to attend Virginia Beach special education meetings in place of my clients, should that ever become necessary.
— - Dr. Jana Macias, Special Education Advocate, Virginia Beach

Our Mission

Special Children Advocacy's mission is to help parents help their special needs children succeed in school and beyond. Advocating for parents is "what we do" to optimize a child's experience according to what the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Free Appropriate Public Education under Section 504 (FAPE) affords them.  We place the utmost importance on uniting the child's team of trained professionals, creating positive synergy within that team, and never losing sight of our common goal: the child's ultimate success.

The parent is the child’s best advocate - for life.
— Dr. Jana Macias